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My Inspiration | Olivia Herrington

Tomorrow my daughter starts Kindergarden… To say the least, it’s an emotional day for me. A lot of people say you shouldn’t mix your personal with your business, but I think that’s ridiculous. When I meet with my clients, they want to know who I am as a person not only a photographer / videographer. So here is a little bit about me. My daughter Olivia came to us , two months early. She was in the NICU for quite some time, and to watch her connected to tubes, machines, etc, and not being able to take her home for almost a month, was almost unbearable. Besides my wife, who is my rock, my partner in life, nothing means more to me than Olivia. My whole mission in life is to be a great husband, and a father. Olivia is the reason I work 15 hours a day, that I took a chance on myself and my talent, so that I could provide a better life for her. I am so blessed to have such an amazing child. Two years ago my mother passed away, and it still affects me greatly on a daily basis. She was my rock, and I miss her so much. Tomorrow, Olivia will attend Linda Herring Elementary, which is named after my mother. So tomorrow is much more than the first day of Kindergarden, it’s a testament to the woman in my life who have helped me and continue to shape the man I am. I know that my mom is looking down from Heaven, and will be watching over Olivia everyday, with a big smile on her face.

My motto is to better today than you were yesterday, and the same goes for my talent. I have worked REALLY hard on improving my photography skills over the past year, and this is a glimpse of that hard work. It makes it a lot easier when you have someone like Olivia to photograph. Her energy, love for life and family, is easily seen in these photographs. Over the next couple of days, I will be releasing a completely new series of wedding photographs to showcase that hard work as well, but for the rest of this day ( at least until tonight ) I am turning off my phone, computer, etc and soaking up the last day with my daughter before she begins her newest adventure in life. I love you O more than you will every comprehend. Thank you for being the amazing daughter you are.



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