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Unlike photographic imagery, Videography captures the sounds of your life. The movements in your life. The conversations, and backstories of your life. To look at a photograph of your great-grandparent or your new born child can produce such an awe inspiring image to remember, but to HEAR them... laugh, cry, talk, sleep... this just can't be duplicate by a photograph. To HEAR your parent speak of how proud they are of who you have become on your wedding day, to HEAR your child's first words and know that you will have them the rest of your life and theirs, is priceless.



Photography is a single moment in time telling a complete or sometimes incomplete story. It captures a moment in a millisecond. One brief and glorious moment in time. It can be the viewpoint of so many different people, and tell a thousand different stories in one single image. Photography is the way we tell our story through the eyes of the author. We just want to make sure someone is telling your story too.

What makes us differnt



7 Years, and 700 Events we know and understand how to tell a story. From Weddings, Birthdays, Family Portraits, Vacations, Reunions, Child Births, and yes, Funerals. We have captured so many life experiences we consider ourselves blessed to have been apart of these. We proficiently trained in our craft, and keep the same simple mission statement. Every time will be better.



It's easy to snap a photograph. It's hard to photograph and film while telling a great story. You have to understand what your client is wanting to convey. What that moment in time means to them. You have to take this single moment in time and create something that is unique, timeless, and original.



Some moments happen at a blink of an eye. We will be there for you every step of the way. 24 hours a day we are available to you for any and all life documentary moments you need captured. No matter if you need us for two hours or two months, we are ready to tell your story.

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