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"PhotoHouse Films is one of our go to companies for reliability, quality and just good people. We know that our clients are in good hands with the PhotoHouse team and beyond that, we appreciate their desire to always grow, learn and better themselves. As industry leaders, PhotoHouse Films was selected by a celebrity client of mine that is known world wide as a director for some of Hollywood's biggest Blockbusters, discovering some of Hollywood's biggest talent as well as his inventions and advancements in the big screen arena, which is a true testament to the skill set seen in the PhotoHouse team. If they are trusted by the creme de le creme in this category, they can be trusted by me! But that's easy because they are professional, polite, and fun to work with! "


Amber Anderson - Owner / Event Planner

Heavenly Day Events



Packages & pricing


Wedding Videography Pricing


package 1



  • 6 Hours of Coverage
  • 1 Videographer (3 Camera Ceremony)
  • 5-7 Minute Highlight Film of the Day or Full Ceremony & Toasts
  • Professional Audio & Lighting
  • Drone Coverage
  • Online Delivery





  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • 2 Videographers
  • 5 Minute Highlight
  • 45 Minute Documentary ( This is includes sections :Getting Ready,Ceremony (Full), Toasts (Full), First Dances, Cake Cutting, Reception Dancing) Fully Edited
  • Professional Audio
  • Drone Coverage
  • Online Delivery




  • Additional Videographer - $400
  • Additional Hours - $300/hr.
  • 5 Minute Highlight Film - $500
  • 45 Documentary Film -$400
  • 1 Minute Instagram Trailer - $200
  • Couple Interviews and Video Engagement Session (1 Hour) -$400
  • Rehearsal Dinner Coverage - $1000
    3 Hours of Coverage - 1 Videographer



package 3



  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • 2 Videographers
  • 5-7 Minute Highlight
  • 1 Minute Instagram Highlight delivered 1 week after the wedding day.
  • 60 Minute Documentary ( This is includes: Getting Ready,Ceremony, Toasts, First Dances, Cake Cutting, Reception Dancing) Fully Edited
  • Couple Interviews before the wedding day.
  • Professional Audio
  • Drone Coverage
  • RAW Footage of the Day
  • Online Delivery



Wedding photography Pricing


package 1



  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • 1 Photographer (Will Herrington)
  • 700 Digital Images - Fully Edited
  • Delivered to your online gallery to share with family and friends.
  • 4 Week Delivery Time




  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • 2 Photographers ( Will Herrington + his 2nd shooter.)
  • 700 Digital Images
  • Online Gallery
  • Engagement or Bridal Session
  • 3 Week Delivery Time



  • Additional Hours - $300/hr.
  • Engagement Session - $500
  • Bridal Session -$300
  • 8X8 10 Page Parent Album - $500
  • 8X8 20 Page Parent Album - $700
  • 10X10 20 Page Album - $900
  • 12X12 20 Page Album - $1200
  • Rehearsal Dinner Coverage - 3 hours 1 Photographer - $1000

package 3



  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • 2 Photographers (Will Herrington + his 2nd shooter.)
  • 700 Digital Images
  • Online Gallery
  • Engagement & Bridal Sessions
  • 10 X 10 20 Page Album
  • Design Consultation
  • 2 8 X 8 10 Page Parent Albums
  • 2 Week Delivery Time


Frequently Asked Questions ...



We believe so strongly that wedding video is no longer something that should be at the bottom of your wedding budget. Wedding videos are the one memory that combines stunning imagery with the sound and emotions from you wedding day. It's no longer "if" as much as "who" should we hire. We also believe that you don't have to break the bank to have an amazing film. We have worked tirelessly to create the ultimate wedding experience for you and your family and look forward to sharing what sets us apart from the rest.


Every Single Client No Matter of the Package They Choose Receives:

  • An online Client Portal which includes a virtual questionnaire that helps to shape the wedding day.
  • A one on one production meeting to review your day of timeline and our questionnaire to answer any and all questions about your wedding day and make sure we are all ready to go for the big day!
  • Full review of your wedding films with change/comment software before your final films are delivered to you via online
  • Our top 10 "Do's and Don'ts" for your wedding day PDF which is 12 years worth of experience of what can go right and very wrong on your wedding day.



1. Tell us about PhotoHouse Films?

This is a great story. We started the business in 2007. It was one person, one camera, one monopod, and a dream that we could create something that would be more than just the same old wedding film. A friend of our had been in the business and asked if we had ever considered trying to go full time after hearing my ideas about what and how we would create differently. We came home from our day jobs, told our wives we wer quitting and after picking them up off the floor, (JK) they told us, We know you can do whatever you set your mind to, and off we went. 500+ weddings later, I’m glad we took the leap of faith.


2. What separates you from your competition? What can you offer that no one else can?

PHF:– A Complete and Defining Story: There are so many “music wedding videos” out there today. With all of the new technology being abused through over use of slow-motion and drone, wedding videos today look more like aftershave commercials, that wedding films. Our focus will always be the story of the Bride and Groom. Everyone has an amazing story to tell, and we spend a great deal of time finding out what brought them to this day. It’s not only important, but one of the key elements to a unique and timeless film.

– A World Class Customer Experience: We won’t give too much away on this, but you have to be focused on more than just the film. To create an amazing film, you have to know your clients. Really know them. We have created the ultimate experience for our clients from the day they contact us well past their wedding day. Shhhhh. This is our best kept secret!

- Turnaround Times to Die For: Through a tremendous amount of work, we have been able to deliver these world class films in 7 days (Destination/Premiere ) 4-8 weeks ( Standard) 2-4 weeks (for photography) from the day of the wedding. Our clients love knowing they will be able to relive these moments while they are still fresh on their mind. Sharing this amazing day with all of their family and friends.


3. When you’re working on a wedding or event, how do you usually interact with the other vendors? What is your experience working with wedding planners?

PHF: It is absolutely crucial, and we love every second of it. When you can embrace the entire wedding team, and help bring out the best in all of them, it’s simply magic. I’m a pretty big prankster, so we love to play small practical jokes throughout the day to keep everyone on their toes and keep us in the moment. Event Planners to us, are the coach of the entire day. Our job is to support their plan for the day, capturing the essence of what was created for their clients. A wedding can never achieve its ultimate vision without the orchestration of a world-class event planner.

4. How would you describe your style or aesthetic?


PHF: Ever changing. One of our great successes is we are fluid in style. We spend a great deal of time working with our clients on their vision not ours, creating what matters to them most. Our favorite style to shoot is one that gets better with time, not dated. Classic, real, timeless.


5. What or who inspires you in life and in your work?

PHF: That’s easy. Our Families. They are my rock and foundation. They are the greatest source of inspiration, love, and support. They keep us grounded and at the moment, and because of that, it allows us to dream the impossible dreams with our work, artistry, and life. This, in turn, makes us one heck of a videography company, but most importantly an amazing spouse, mother and father to our children.


6. How would you describe your creative process?

PHF: Ha! You are going to laugh at this, but what we do for every wedding is try to think of what could go wrong in the day, and then build in safeguards against them. We are a little OCD so the details are crucial for us. Once we have all of that worked through, We LOVE to think of ourselves as a guest attending the wedding, and film and edit through the eyes of that guest. Sometimes we're the mom, dad, sister, grandparent. Sometimes we're the bride, groom, etc.. you get the picture. We then think of everything we would want to see, hear, and feel throughout the day. It works for us this way, and hopefully, our films show it.


7. What’s your favorite way to unwind?

PHF: Spending every second we can with our families. We love them, and love doing everything with them. Specifically, we love to listen to music (albums of course) playing board games, dominoes, dancing, anything that makes us laugh and share in experiences.


8. If you weren’t a videographer/photographer, what would you want to do?

PHF: Tough one, but we would lean towards something that involved speaking and helping others. We love to be around people and could easily see us as motivational speakers!

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