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In the wedding industry, videography has been one of the most meaningful aspects to include on a wedding day. This kind of art allows the Bride and Groom to relive and experience their most important day all over again! Discover, why PhotoHouse Films offers something new to the videography industry.

1. Tell us about PhotoHouse Films?

This is a great story. I started the business in 2012. It was me, one camera, one monopod, and a dream that I could create something that would be more than just the same old wedding film. A friend of mine had been in the business and asked me if I had ever considered trying to go full time after hearing my ideas about what and how I would create differently. I came home from my day job, told my wife I was quitting (our daughter was 3 at the time, and I was our single source of income) and after picking her up off the floor, (JK) she told me, I know you can do whatever you set your mind to, and off we went. 500+ weddings later, I’m glad we took the leap of faith.

2. What separates you from your competition? What can you offer that no one else can?

PHF:– A Complete and Defining Story: There are so many “music wedding videos” out there today. Our focus will always be the story of the Bride and Groom. Everyone has an amazing story to tell, and we spend a great deal of time finding out what brought them to this day. It’s not only important, but one of the key elements to a unique and timeless film.

– A World Class Customer Experience: I won’t give too much away on this, but you have to be focused on more than just the film. To create an amazing film, you have to know your clients. Really know them. We have created the ultimate experience for our clients from the day they contact us well past their wedding day. Shhhhh. This is our best kept secret!

– Turnaround Times to Die For: Through a tremendous amount of work, we have been able to deliver these world class films in 7 days (Destination/Premiere ) 4-8 weeks ( Standard) 2-4 weeks (for photography) from the day of the wedding. Our clients love knowing they will be able to relive these moments while they are still fresh on their mind. Sharing this amazing day with all of their family and friends.

3. When you’re working on a wedding or event, how do you usually interact with the other vendors? What is your experience working with wedding planners?

PHF: It is absolutely crucial, and we love every second of it. When you can embrace the entire wedding team, and help bring out the best in all of them, it’s simply magic. I’m a pretty big prankster, so I love to play small practical jokes throughout the day to keep everyone on their toes and keep us in the moment. Event Planners to me, are the coach of the entire day. Our job is to support their plan for the day, capturing the essence of what was created for their clients. A wedding can never achieve its ultimate vision without the orchestration of a world-class event planner.

4. How would you describe your style or aesthetic?

PHF: Ever changing. One of our great successes is we are fluid in style. We spend a great deal of time working with our clients on their vision not ours, creating what matters to them most. My favorite style to shoot is one that gets better with time, not dated. Classic, real, timeless.

5. What or who inspires you in life and in your work?

PHF: That’s easy. My wife Alison, and my 9-year-old daughter, Olivia. They are my rock and foundation. They are my greatest source of inspiration, love, and support. They keep me grounded and at the moment, and because of that, it allows me to dream the impossible dreams with my work, artistry, and life. This, in turn, makes me one heck of a videographer and photographer, but most importantly an amazing husband and father.

6. How would you describe your creative process?

PHF: Ha! You are going to laugh at this, but what I do for every wedding is try to think of what could go wrong in the day, and then build in safeguards against them. I’m a little OCD so the details are crucial for me. Once we have all of that worked through, I LOVE to think of myself as a guest attending the wedding, and film and edit through the eyes of that guest. Sometimes I’m the mom, dad, sister, grandparent. Sometimes I’m the bride, groom, etc.. you get the picture. I then think of everything I would want to see, hear, and feel throughout the day. It works for me this way, and hopefully, our films show it.

7. What’s your favorite way to unwind?

PHF: Spending every second I can with my family. I love them, and love doing everything with them. Specifically, I love to listen to music (albums of course) playing board games, dominoes, dancing, anything that makes us laugh and share in experiences.

8. If you weren’t a videographer/photographer, what would you want to do?

PHF: Tough one, but I would lean towards something that involved speaking and helping others. I love to be around people and could easily see myself as a motivational speaker!

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